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We make a large range of Embossed Cases and Covers,for every popular phone and tablet, and we know what works

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We make a large range of Embossed Cases and Embossed Covers (as well as debossed). If you're looking to get embossed or debossed cases and covers then get in touch ,we make them for just about every device

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Custom Logo Cases brings you the finest selection of embossed cases and covers for smartphones and tablets on the Internet. The luxurious quality of our embossed covers and cases makes them the perfect choice for corporate gifts and for making a great impression on prospects at promotional events. We also sell many embossed cases and covers to companies and schools for use as protection for mobile devices issued to students, employees or faculty members.

What Are Embossed Covers and Cases?

Embossed covers and cases are smartphone and tablet cases that are manufactured out of either vegan polyurethane leather or genuine leather. The leather covering of the cases is stamped to leave behind the imprint of a company logo or another symbol or emblem. The embossed decoration appears the same color as the rest of the case and adds texture to the design.

Appeal of Embossed Cases and Covers

Many people prefer the look of embossed covers and cases because they promote companies and organizations in a subtler way. While you can easily see the logo or other graphic on the case, it does not stand out in the same bold way that a printed or engraved graphic does. This makes the embossed cases and covers an excellent way to maintain a professional look while still promoting a company, group or school.

Types of Embossed Covers and Cases

Here at Custom Logo Cases, we make shopping for corporate embossed cases and covers, school embossed covers and cases and promotional cases and covers with embossed decorations incredibly simple. Our collection is divided into four categories. You can click on the "Shop Now" button to see all of our:

- Embossed iPhone Cases. We can produce embossed iPhone cases to fit the dimensions and specifications of any iPhone whether it's the latest generation or one that was released years ago.

- Embossed iPad Cases. We make embossed iPad cases for all versions of the iPad, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini.

- Embossed Phone Cases. Any cell phone can be protected with embossed covers and cases. We offer case options to fit all of the most popular brands of smartphones of both the past and the present.

- Embossed Tablet Cases. Our embossed tablet case selection includes styles that be customized to the exact proportions of any tablet.

Cost of Embossed Cases and Covers

Unlike other manufacturers of custom embossed covers and cases, Custom Logo Cases offers flexible bulk pricing. As long as you purchase just one style of embossed cases and covers, you can mix and match covers and cases for more than one make and/or model of device and still get our biggest discounts. We will optimize your logo for embossing for free, and the customization is also added at no cost to you. Free worldwide shipping is provided on orders of all sizes.

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