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Sticky Screen Cleaners

We make a large range custom sticky screen cleaners for all smartphones, tablets and laptops. A large range of size options and really great prices. Custom shapes, custom designs, custom sizes if you require, it's all possible.

Free marketing cards with each sticky screen cleaner, free design, free delivery, satisfaction guarantee on all orders!

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Mobile device accessories are ideal solutions for companies that want to give away promotional items with a high perceived value. Nearly everyone you'll encounter at an event will use some type of mobile device, so accessories that can help them better use or care for the gadget that they own is a smart decision. If you want to keep costs low and offer an accessory with true universal appeal, custom sticky screen cleaners are an ideal choice.

What Are Sticky Screen Cleaners?

Logo sticky screen cleaners are mobile device accessories used to care for the screens of all mobile devices, including cell phones, tablets, GPS devices, MP3 players and iPods, e-readers and laptop computers. Sticky screen cleaners feature one side that acts as a cleaning cloth, picking up dirt, debris and oily residues from fingerprints and removing it from the screen. The other side of custom sticky screen cleaners is a unique surface that allows the cloth to adhere to the smooth surface of the back of a mobile device or its case. The cloth doesn't leave behind any residues or adhesives, so it can be taken off, used to clean the screen and put back into place until it's needed again.

Advantages of Custom Sticky Screen Cleaners for Marketing

There are many reasons why it is advantageous to give out sticky screen cleaners for marketing. Custom sticky screen cleaners are unique solutions to the problem of how to keep screens clean without having to carry around a separate cleaning cloth. By solving this problem for prospects, you'll show that your company is innovative and make a great first impression. Plus, the appearance of the artwork on logo sticky screen cleaners serves as a constant reminder of your company, keeping you fresh in their minds, and since nearly everyone uses at least one mobile device, you can be sure that your sticky screen cleaners will come in handy for the people that you meet at events.

Styles and Types of Logo Sticky Screen Cleaners

You can purchase custom sticky screen cleaners in a number of forms. Traditional logo sticky screen cleaners are round or square in shape and offered in small and large sizes. These products are the least expensive options available for distributing custom sticky screen cleaners for promotional purposes. To make your sticky screen cleaners stand out even more, you can order them in a custom shape of your choosing, such as that of a familiar symbol or even of the product that you offer.

Customizing Sticky Screen Cleaners for Your Needs

Custom sticky screen cleaners can be personalized to reflect your brand in different ways. You can simply have your logo printed on the sticky screen cleaners, or you can completely cover the logo sticky screen cleaners with an artwork graphic. Here at Custom Logo Cases, we give you the option of providing us with your artwork or having us create it for you free of charge. Printing is also free on all custom sticky screen cleaners, regardless of the number that you buy.


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