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We make a large range of custom cases, covers and skins for all popular devices.

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Every year, LG sells more than 65 million mobile phones, making them the fourth largest manufacturers of smart phones in the world. If you're planning to distribute phone cases for promotional giveaways at events, it's a great idea to have custom LG phone cases or custom LG phone covers on hand to present to people who rely on LG smart phones daily. Once your graphics are placed on the logo LG phone cases or covers, they'll serve as a powerful marketing tool, continuously reminding recipients of your company to keep you fresh in their minds.

If your business has opted to purchase LG phone cases for employee use, custom LG phone cases and custom LG phone covers can help protect your mobile devices. We can make the designs logo LG phone cases for free marketing when your employees use their phones out in the field. The logos also make smart phones easier to identify as company property to cut down on the risk of theft and help employees quickly tell the difference between work and personal phones.

At Custom Logo cases, we can make custom LG phone cases for any version of any LG phone, including the LG Motion, the LG Optimus, the LG Lucid, the LG Nitro, the LG Spectrum, the LG Viper, the LG Optimus G Pro or the LG Optimus Intuition. Whether you're purchasing custom LG phone covers for company-owned phones, for giveaways or for any other purpose, printing and artwork design services are always offered free of charge with the purchase of any of our logo LG phone cases.


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