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12 Ways Your Business Can Use Corporate iPhone Cases

1. Trade shows are crucial to expanding your customer base and giving custom corporate iPhone cases to all promising prospects can help you to begin building a relationship and increase your chances of making a sale in the future.

2. Conferences and conventions typically include promotional giveaways with attendees going home with bags filled with trinkets that they may not ever use again. If attendees have received custom corporate iPhone cases from you, they'll remember your company better.

3. Networking events can help you forge connections to build your business. Hand out custom corporate iPhone cases to individuals that you wish to begin building a relationship with. You can even attach your business card to the case for a clever presentation.

4. Corporate iPhone cases can help to attract crowds at community festivals and events. Give them away to everyone or use them as an incentive to get people to give you their contact information or to book an appointment with you.

5. All businesses are approached by charities that would like to have contributions for various events. If you give custom corporate iPhone cases to such organizations, you can promote your business and support charities.

6. Running contests can help you accomplish many goals from building mailing lists to gaining more social media likes and followers to increasing foot traffic. Corporate iPhone cases make great gifts for one-time or regular giveaway drawings.

7. Show your customers that you appreciate their business by surprising them with corporate iPhone cases. For individuals, you can mail them to their homes or present them in person at your location. For B2B clients, go to their locations and make delivering the presents a business call.

8. Advertise custom corporate iPhone cases as free gifts with purchase. Set a dollar amount and provide one to anyone who spends at least that much money. Many people will be willing to buy more to get the free iPhone case.

9. Referral marketing is a powerful way to grow your business, particularly if you're in a service, health care or financial-related position. Reward referrals by giving away an iPhone case as a thank you gift.

10. When the holiday season arrives, you can impress those on your company's gift list with custom logo cases. Unlike food gift baskets, cases can be used throughout the year and offer lasting benefits for recipients.

11. If a customer has approached you with a complaint, turn the situation around by offering them a free iPhone case along with your apology. Say that it is a gift to say thanks for giving you a chance to fix the problem and then outline what steps you're going to take to make things right.

12. Has your company purchased iPhone smart phones for your employees to use for work purposes? As many as 20 per cent of all iPhones get broken in their first 2 years of use, so decrease your chances of becoming a statistic by protecting your phones with iPhone covers.



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